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Kitchen worktop choice is as crucial as any other feature of the kitchen. In addition to looking beautiful, the worktop should withstand everyday usage elements, such as food spills, water marks, etc. Worktops have also evolved with the advances in technology. Therefore, we now have materials that check all boxes for durability. Worktops are available in various materials – laminate, solid wood, granite, quartz, stainless steel, and glass. All these materials have pros and cons, but what suits your kitchen the most is for you to decide.

Kitchen Worktops London

Consultative Approach

Hardwood is a timeless material which adds warmth and a traditional tone to the kitchen. Also, hardwood worktops last for a long time if they are maintained well. Composite worktops are used in contemporary bathrooms usually, for their toughness and attractive colours. Another popular choice is Dekton worktops; they have a stunning texture for the colouring and veining unique to each slab. Moreover, Dekton worktops can stand scratches and heat; therefore, it is highly suitable for kitchens. Lamanite worktops are low-budget and low-maintenance, so they are suited for domestic kitchens. Also, the variety of colours and styles in laminate worktops is vast enough to match any theme and layout. Silestone worktops are non-porous; hence, they are easy to clean and susceptible to bacterial growth. Get in touch with us for affordable and durable worktops. Our worktop supplier is Cosentino (Dekton, Silestone, Sensa). We have everything to make you fall in love with your kitchen!

Solution Based Process

Focused approach on
technically complex projects

Our innovative solutions have met the wide range of challenges that clients face. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants, contractors, traders and artisans. Our process includes the following steps:

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Design & Concept

At Daia, we bring the vision to life by keeping the client in the loop for any possibility at the concept & design stage.

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Fitting & Installation

We fit & install kitchens for every lifestyle keeping in mind the absolute attention to detail; timeless elegance is all we offer.

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The Handover

At Dia, we proudly deliver an ultimate style statement, a service that checks all boxes for your style, comfort, and modern living.