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Taps & sinks make up the focal point of the bathroom. They not only improve the functionality but also the appearance of the bathroom. With the help of a tap, you can add creativity and flair to even the simplest sink. We provide a variety of fixtures at surprisingly affordable prices. The most common type of tap is the mixer tap which is easy to use and practical. A high-spout fixture is extremely useful in the kitchen, as it offers more space between the sink and the tap. Pull-out taps, as the name suggests, offer the flexibility to pull the spout out of the main body of the tap; they are a popular choice for commercial and professional kitchens. In addition to style, kitchen taps are diverse in materials too. The most commonly used is stainless steel, but there are other options, such as brass, copper, gold finishes, etc.

Tap & Sinks London

Consultative Approach

The three styles of kitchen sinks are drop-in sinks, under-mount sinks, and farmhouse sinks. Drop-in sinks are the easiest ones to install and hence, the most commonly found sinks. Undermount sinks have a streamlined, contemporary appearance that is attractive to many homeowners. Farmhouse sinks’ design enables the user to wash big casseroles conveniently. Also, they add a streamlined and luxurious nuance to the tone of the kitchen. Corner sinks are anything but space-wasters, as they fit perfectly in the corner. Our taps & sinks suppliers are Caple, HotSpots, Titanium, Zip Tap, and Quooker. If you are looking for kitchen taps & sinks, get in touch with us.

Solution Based Process

Focused approach on
technically complex projects

Our innovative solutions have met the wide range of challenges that clients face. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants, contractors, traders and artisans. Our process includes the following steps:

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Design & Concept

At Daia, we bring the vision to life by keeping the client in the loop for any possibility at the concept & design stage.

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Fitting & Installation

We fit & install kitchens for every lifestyle keeping in mind the absolute attention to detail; timeless elegance is all we offer.

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The Handover

At Dia, we proudly deliver an ultimate style statement, a service that checks all boxes for your style, comfort, and modern living.