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We supply a variety of kitchen drawers for all types of kitchens – modern, contemporary, and traditional. Storage is the most significant aspect of kitchen design; therefore, there should be ample storage – neither over-storage nor under-storage. The first benefit of a drawer is its cubic storage which takes much less space; you can install at least 3 to 4 drawers in place of a cabinet. Drawers offer better storage, for the storage can be sectioned out. As a result, accessibility becomes smoother, leading to less hassle and less wasted time looking for things. Whether it is a traditional or a contemporary look, drawers can work out for you.

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Consultative Approach

There are different kinds of kitchen drawers, and you can choose the one that aligns with your taste. Raised panel drawers are one of the most luxurious styles that have a raised middle panel that brings depth to the cabinetry. Inset panel drawers are straightforward and adaptable, so they are a safer option for someone who prefers frequent remodelling. Solid panel drawers have smooth, clean lines; hence, they are perfect if you want to showcase a particular colour or finish. Besides the various designs, there are different materials available for drawers. The variety of options might overwhelm you, but we can help you with your decision. So, what is keeping you from having your dream kitchen? You can lift the appearance and functionality of your kitchen by installing the right drawers! Get in touch with the best bespoke kitchen designer in London.

Solution Based Process

Focused approach on
technically complex projects

Our innovative solutions have met the wide range of challenges that clients face. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants, contractors, traders and artisans. Our process includes the following steps:

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Design & Concept

At Daia, we bring the vision to life by keeping the client in the loop for any possibility at the concept & design stage.

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Fitting & Installation

We fit & install kitchens for every lifestyle keeping in mind the absolute attention to detail; timeless elegance is all we offer.

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The Handover

At Dia, we proudly deliver an ultimate style statement, a service that checks all boxes for your style, comfort, and modern living.